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Data Recovery Guide

Doctor Disk's Data Recovery Service provides you with the highest standard of customer service highlighted by regular communication, fast turnaround times and confidentiality. As your trusted data recovery partner Doctor Disk puts you in control of the data recovery process by ensuring every decision you make is supported by feedback and relevant information from our dedicated team.

I have lost may data - what now?

  • Remain calm - DONT PANIC. Easier said! We know this can be a stressful time but you need to remain calm and focus on solving the issues at hand. Hasty or uninformed attempts to recover data or fix the problem may result in further damage to the hard drive or storage device resulting in further or permanent data loss.
  • If you are in any doubt about the stability of your storage device stop writing to that device, shut it down and do not power it up again. Note: Using the device may result in data being written to your hard drive or storage media. This may result in lost data being overwritten and unrecoverable.
  • Do-it-yourself data recovery solutions may be cheaper in the short run but may intensify the problem and the costs in the long run. In some cases data may become unrecoverable. This can be devastating if the data you have lost is important to you.
  • Contact Doctor Disk to explore your data recovery options.

What Causes Data Loss

Data loss is somewhat inevitable despite the users best intentions. In most cases Doctor Disk isn't called as the data is not strategic or it is restorable via the aid of a backup. Having said that, there are a number of instances where the data is strategic and the backup fails.

Most users recognise they have a problem when

  • They are unable to access their hard drive or storage device.
  • Data they have previously saved seems to have disappeared
  • Data that can be seen but can't access has become corrupted and will not open

There are 3 major causes of data loss:

  • Human Error
  • Hardware Error
  • Software Corruption

Human error includes accidental or intentional deletion of files; while software corruption include software bugs or failed upgrades. Hardware errors include power loss or surges, static electicity (electrostatic) discharge and physical damage to the hardware such as dropping or knocking.

There is a recurring argument that most causes of data loss are human error. That is to say dropping a hard drive or static discharge could easily be human error related and not hardware error. In conclusion and despite statistical representation of the causes prevention to data loss is always human based.

Preventing Data Loss

  • Have a Data Recovery Plan which includes detailing file and directories to backup, where backups are to be stored, rotate current backups off site, document and store all backups and software in a safe place.
  • Backup all files and directories before any upgrades to software are performed.
  • BACKUP YOUR DATA. This cannot be stressed enough.
  • Test you backups by restoring to an alternative computer. If backing up is the number one preventative measure then this is number two.
  • Maintain suitable operating conditions including temperature control, humidity, cleanliness and proper handling to avoid static discharge and accidental dropping
  • Use firewalls and anti virus protection
  • Secure premises

Doctor Disk is located in South Caulfield Victoria, for more details about our Australia wide data recovery services, call us at 0418 467 413 or contact Doctor Disk online.

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