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Your one stop data duplication shop!

Doctor Disk is a leading supplier of duplicated CDs, Diskettes, DVDs and other media as requested. Challenge us! Contact Doctor Disk today and see how we can give you a firm deal on your needs.

Benefits of Data Duplication Services

Doctor Disk's data duplication services, offer an incomparable standard of quality and customer service. This is demonstrated by our diverse customer base which includes:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Government agencies
  • Leading retailers and manufactures
  • Software developers
  • Training groups
  • Advertising agencies
  • Graphic design studios
  • And many more

With a commitment to quality and the best possible turn around time, it is no wonder Doctor Disk's clientele remains loyal nationwide.

Features of Data Duplication Services

CD Duplication and DVD Duplication

Data duplication services process is typically aimed at short production runs of 1 to 1000 with duplication being performed by CD or DVD Writers. This process is also commonly referred to as “burning” and the Writers as “burners”.

CD Replication and DVD Replication

The software replication process is aimed at larger production runs typically starting at 500 to 1000 copies and up to hundreds of thousand of copies. The process of copying the CD or DVD requires a “master” disk to be created. The master disk then acts as a mould as CDs and DVDs are “pressed” to form the final product. Commercial CDs and DVDs are typically manufactured this way.

CD Printing and DVD Printing

The replication process utilises screen printing technologies which produces optimum print and colour clarity. To give you the best value for money there are other options such as direct inkjet printing or thermal printing. Direct inkjet printing is the most affordable, while still giving excellent visual results. Call Doctor Disk to discuss your printing options!

Packaging, Booklets and Paper Parts

Doctor Disk data duplication services has a wide range of packaging options available, jewel cases, plastic sleeves, envelopes, printed cardboard sleeves and many more.

Printed colour inserts are available for front and back covers as well as booklets. You have many options for CD and DVD duplication, Doctor Disk is proud in giving you the best service, turn around time and, of course, excellent media duplication.

Diskette Duplication

Our data duplication services can also provide you with duplicated diskettes with quantities from 1 to 50,000. Diskettes can be pad printed to three colours with a range of packaging solutions including cases, plastic sleeves and printed cardboard sleeves.

Whether you have a software duplication, data duplication, media duplication or replication requirement Doctor Disk data duplication services will meet your needs.

What to do next?

A Master Disk. The preferred master media is CD or DVD. Other media is acceptable but may attract a re-mastering or conversion charge. Our data conversion services can convert most media types to CD or DVD. Please ensure your media is clean, free from imperfections and virus free. Also don't forget to read through our artwork checklist.

CD and DVD duplication with all the available options can be quite daunting. For more details about our Australia wide data duplication services, call us at 0418 467 413  or contact Doctor Disk online.

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