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Doctor Disk Data Destruction Services

The amendments to the Federal Privacy Act requires that a company or business must take reasonable steps to protect the personal information of clients, suppliers and other business contacts.

Just because you delete a file or even format a disk your files can still be recovered. What did happen to your old home PC, business computer or company server? Did you have client and business information on it? What about your own data; profit and loss, income information, tax returns, personal letters, banking information, etc!

Doctor Disk provides you with a data destruction process (sometimes called degaussing) which involves the overwriting of data so that the data cannot be recovered, even by us!

The data erasure process writes to all parts of the media including the "free space" to ensure no data is missed and that no data can be recovered. Doctor Disk data sanitisation of hard drives is to US Department of Defence Standards.

Warning: Once your data has been destroyed by our data destruction services it will not be able to be recovered.

Benefits of Data Destruction Services

Doctor Disk data destruction services provide you with

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Improves data security
  • Data sanitisation for all media types
  • Security, confidentiality and privacy
  • US Department of Defence Standard data erasure for hard drives
  • Rapid turn around time

Features of Data Destruction Services

Your data can be erased from the following media:

  • Hard drive erased
  • RAID erased
  • CD erased
  • DVD erased
  • Tape erased
  • File erased
  • Flashcard erased
  • Smartcard erased
  • USB memory stick erased
  • Diskette erased
  • And many more!

Tape Erasure

  • Magneto Optical Media
  • Zip and Jazz Media
  • 4mm Tapes (DDS)
  • 8mm Exabyte Tapes
  • 3480/90/90e Tapes
  • QIC Mini and Wide Tapes
  • And many more!

If your media is not mentioned here, do not despair. Regardless of age or type of storage media, Doctor Disk will have a way of erasing your data!

What to do Next?

Warning: Once your media has been sanitised by our data destruction services your data will not be recoverable.

  1. Ensure you have a backup of your data
  2. Ensure you can restore your backup
  3. Ensure all your data is there and accessible

Doctor Disk is located in South Caulfield Victoria, for more details about our Australia wide data destruction services, call us at 0418 467 413 or contact Doctor Disk online.

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