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Doctor Disk Data Conversion Services

A core business activity since 1986 has seen Doctor Disk grow to be one of the leading data conversion services companies in Australia.

Like any business over the last 20 years, Doctor Disk continues to progress with the day to day computer developments. What is new and exciting today becomes antiquated and obsolete tomorrow. The one challenge that continues before us is the ability to convert valuable data from the “old” into the “new”.

Whether your a student, computer user, computer shop, school, university, teacher, lecturer, government agency, retailer, manufacturer, software developer, advertising agency or graphic designer Doctor Disk has data conversion services to meet your needs.

Benefits of our Data Conversion Services

Not only has Doctor Disk adapted and grown with the developments over the past twenty years but it has brought with it a lifetime of expertise and obsolete systems.

data conversion servicesToday Doctor Disk, with a full range of supported media can convert most legacy data to a format useable in today's standards.

Features of our Data Conversion Services

Some popular supported media includes:

  • Magneto Optical Removable Disk Cartridge Drive, Orb Removable Disk Cartridge Drive
  • SyQuest Removable Disk Cartridge Drive, Jazz Removable Disk Cartridge
  • Zip Removable Disk Cartridge
  • Digital Linear Tape (DLT) Drive, 4mm Tape Drive (DDS), 8mm Exabyte Tape Drive
  • 3480/90/90e Tape Drive
  • QIC Wide, QIC Mini Cartridge, SLR QIC Tape Drive
  • Half Inch Magnetic Tape Drive, Travan Tape Drives
  • Diskettes
  • Video - VHS

Data conversion services is defined as the changing of the data structure to accommodate new or different needs for the data. Doctor Disk is able to convert many other media types, from old word processing workstations in hundreds of varying formats to old reel to reel tape drives.

What to do next?

Doctor Disk is located in South Caulfield Victoria, for more details about our Australia wide data conversion services, call us at 0418 467 413 or contact Doctor Disk online.

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